Five Most Common Sex Toys for Men

Everyone likes pleasure and the good news is that pleasure comes in different ways. As technology continues to advance, adult males can now put a smile on their faces thanks to the latest sex toys they can bring into their bedroom to improve their sex lives.

We are now moving to a sex-positive society and the best thing every man can do is to embrace it and upgrade his masturbation sessions and give his hand a rest and stock their bedside drawer with male sex toys. Undeniably, adult male sex toys come in different style and sizes and buying the right one can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we are here for you and here are the most common male sex toys to consider.

1. Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

First on our list of the most common male sex toys is the Realistic Pocket Pussy. This toy has been designed to feel and look like the real vagina thanks to its fantastic real-feel material it’s made from.

It is easy to use; you only plunge your cock between the amazing and welcoming lips and ride out your fantasies until you cum. The Ella pocket pussy is super tight and will hold your erected penis in position to improve your experience. Whether you are using it solo or with your partner, this toy will send your sexual fantasies to a higher level.

2. Penis Vacuum Pump

It is the desire of every man to last longer when having sexual intercourse with the woman they love. At times, it becomes difficult to last as they want but there’s nothing to worry about anymore as Penis Vacuum Pump is here to save you. This pump prepares you for a great time with your lovebird by creating a vacuum that enhances blood flow to your penis thereby creating longer, thicker and harder erections. It comes with a transparent chamber distinguished with a measurement gauge that gives you an opportunity to keep track as well as control the pressure with each and every session.

3. A Vibrating Cock Ring

When making out, the desire of every adult is to feel stimulated all the way from foreplay to ejaculation. A vibrating cock ring is a 10-function penis ring that you slide over your penis and as it vibrates, it stimulates your manhood and at the same time stimulates the clitoris of your partner.

4. Pleasure beads

If you’ve been having a boring sex life, it’s high time you upgrade and consider various male sex toys available in the market today. Pleasure beads are very common and most preferred sex toys because they send both partners to cloud nine. These beads are designed to vibrate and can be used in various ways. First, you can place them inside your woman’s vagina and as they vibrate, you’ll share the same vibrations as well. Secondly, you can use them solo and insert them in your anus for outstanding sexual pleasure.

5. A blowjob stroker

Blowjob strokers are ideally great for oral sex with your partner but will be equally great going solo. Basically, blowjob strokers are designed to feel exactly like an actual mouth and you can use it to stimulate yourself and feel like your dick is being sucked by a woman.

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