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Why live a meager or mundane existence? Why enslave yourself to money, management, or government when you can be free? Available now is  the most advanced technology for optimal creativity for you to gain mastery over prosperity and more....

Manifest your special destiny by attending an event that advances the technology for unstoppable creativity. Gather with growing forces of spiritually-empowered leaders revolutionizing everything from the arts to the sciences. 

Feel you “want to make a difference” in the world, but are less than optimally-capable of  doing so?
Here is where your “rubber meets the road.”  The fields of music, entertainment, communications, education, healthcare, and other technology-based industries will never be the same as a result of Dr. Horowitz’s history-making revelations and publications on the real da Vinci code. And this is your invitation to join the growing celebration of collaboration in applying these secreted methods and music needed to miraculously recreate yourself and our world to be optimally free and prosperous. . . .

Here is your opportunity to be a hero, advance your leadership, and prosper beyond your greatest hopes and dreams. 

This seminar changes lives in the most meaningful, positive, and productive ways. GUARANTEED!


The LOVE CODE Seminar is for people called to express creative genius by Divine direction. The program advances secreted technologies and the world’s most powerful applications of musical-mathematics. This is especially valuable for leaders choosing to apply their unique talents to manifest prosperity in all ways to support the Spiritual Renaissance and world peace, optimal health, with economic sustainability. 

The program advances revolutionary technologies governing, and governed by, creative consciousness.

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Your life-changing infusion of Divine wisdom and creative inspirationto prosper in all

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